What is branding?

Branding means

Branding means “Commodity with Identity”. Here commodity is product and identity is identity. Bringing a unique name and identity of a product to the customer is called branding. In a nutshell, branding is the promise of product quality and service to the customer. Branding is a standard that indicates the quality of an organization’s products or services. 

A buyer or customer buys a product or service with trust and confidence mainly influenced by branding. Attractive logos, websites, banners, billboards, mugs, or t-shirts with logos can never be branding, but they only help the company to be branded, which is called brand identity. Big companies grow bigger through branding.

Small companies need branding to convey their identity. Branding is a key tool for a successful business. The main objective of the business is to deliver the desired product or quality service to the customer.

A company can create a regular customer when he. Therefore some branding techniques are mentioned-

Specify the type of business

First, you have to decide what you will trade, and what you will sell. Do you sell a specific category of products? Or sell some products? If you want to sell products of a specific category, then its branding will be the same, but if you want to sell products of different categories, then its branding will be different. Branding of e-commerce companies is done in two ways.

1. Branding the products you sell.

2. Branding your online shop. If you want to brand your products then it is better if your products are in the same category. And if you have products of different categories, try to present your online shop as a brand without branding specific products.

Determining the appropriate name

For branding, the first step is to choose a suitable name. This is very important and many people make mistakes. Your company name must match the product or service. If you name your clothes-selling site like Rice-Pulse then it will never be suitable.

You must choose a name for your online shop that has a domain name that is available or can be purchased. Usually, you will not get most of the domains of dot com empty, in this case, you can try changing the name a little, changing the spelling of the name, and adding BD. Or choose a name that doesn’t have a specific meaning, that is unique, unfamiliar, and easy to pronounce. This type of unique name is very useful for branding.

Create a slogan

The next step in choosing a name is to create a “slogan” that will get customers to understand your services, values, and features. Like Nike’s brand slogan is “Do It”, Nokia’s brand slogan is “Connecting People”. Choose a suitable slogan for your business.

Create a logo

Create appropriate and attractive logos. Create a logo that will easily catch anyone’s attention. There is no such thing as an attractive logo if it is too complex. If possible, get the logo designed by a professional, because the most important thing in branding is the logo.

Attempt to obtain a trade license

Then try to get your brand name or logo trademarked and registered. If not possible now, try in the future if possible.

Website creation

A perfect website is very important for online shopping. The website design must be brand-appropriate. Designs cannot be duplicated by others.

Present product value in a unique way

Present your service or product differently and originally from other products or services in the market. This requires a lot of market research. If you can provide products or services according to the needs and wishes of the customer, branding will become the main task.

Presenting ourselves well

A person’s personality is revealed through his character, behavior, dress, values, etc. Impressed by his beautiful personality, people trust him. Be loved by all.

Attractive packaging

Good packaging must be provided. As much as possible beautiful packaging should be arranged. Without it, you will not benefit from being a cheap brand. Design the packaging to match the company name, logo, and website design colors on the packaging.

Delivery system

If possible make your delivery through a professional delivery company. Because there is a lot of evidence that delivery boy of local delivery companies ask customers for tea and breakfast money. This is enough to leave your brand value in the dust.


Customer care service must be good so that no customer is upset or dissatisfied with you for any reason. If the customer does not like the product, politely arrange for a return. If you get return support, you will shop with confidence in the future.

Try giving small gifts to customers on special occasions, which will make them feel connected to your company. Besides, keep unique eye-catching designs in the company profile, visiting cards, seals, pads, and receipts so that your logo and name are spread everywhere.

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